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John Suhr and Jim Kelley, JS Industries, Lake Elsinore, California


Photo by Rick Gould

Jim Kelley and Joe Bonamassa, Riverside Municipal Auditorium, March 2010


Bonnie Raitt, Green Light Tour


Jim Kelley with Leo Fender at Winter NAMM in Anaheim


Lee Ritenour


JK & Rit


Allan Holdsworth at The Wiltern with Line Amp Top


Vince Gill and Suzie


Doc Kauffman with his Flo-Tone guitars (also note the tobacco sunburst amp)


Wes Patterson, jk, A. Pitman, Dan Armstrong, Doc is seated


FACS (foot activated channel switching)


World's First All FET Guitar Amp


Vince's Double Stacked Head Setup - one of two made

JK Stereo 100


Single Channel in Zebrawood


FACS Line Amp acquired from Matt (Max) Harmony


JK Amps Lineup



Jim Kelley at the final assembly bench


Why is Steve always asking me how many fingers he's holding up?


Birdseye Maple head. This setup went to Australia.


Stanley C. Kelley, working gratis. Dad made most of the cabinets. I miss him.

Jim and Suzie Kelley, Circa 1979

Solid teak amps w/original logo